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Are you ready for you or your athlete to get faster, stronger, and in better shape?

We have seen it year after year. There is an athlete that is missing that one thing to be really successful. Sometimes they need more skills and that is a huge part of the equation.

Our kids are playing more games and practices ever before. They are being exposed to specific skill work at younger ages as well. It can be a really good thing to expose athletes to multiple sports at a young age. 

But sometimes it looks like Matt or Sarah needs to be just a little bit faster to be able to use their great handling. Other times, Steve or Julia could use some more strength to shoot just a bit harder. And never mind Connor or Kayla who could be in a little bit better shape to perform well at the end of the game.

This is not the area of expertise for sport coaches, and nor should it be.

Let us do the complicated part.

At Evolution Sports Performance in Easton, MA our program is designed to give athletes the tools they need to be successful, regardless of the level of play. We train athletes as young as 8, up to and including collegiate and professional levels.


If you or your athlete sounds like any of the above examples then you need to claim your FREE Trial class with us today!


Each age group trains appropriately for their development and we break down our Sports Performance Program into Speed Training and Strength Training.

We teach athletes proper technique, jumping, and agility drills on our indoor turf field.

The only problem is that speed training is half of the equation. If we want to get athletes faster, they must have strength. Being stronger will help athletes put force into the ground, get in/out of cuts powerfully, and jump higher.

Our Sports Performance Program is proven to make athletes:

  • Stronger and more powerful
  • Run faster with proper technique
  • Change direction quicker
  • Balanced between upper body, lower body, and core strength
  • Resist injury better
  • Highly conditioned to last late into games

Our strength programs are not cookie cutter, either. We know that all athletes are different and require exercises that are appropriate for their body, age, and experience level. We put all athletes through a Movement Screen to determine which exercises and movements they should or should not be doing.

It might be a lot easier to search the internet for a program and make it one size fits all but we are committed to making our athletes better and that is not the best strategy.

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