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Golf Training

Improve Your Golf Game!

Discover how to play better golf with a Complete Fitness Program

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Are you sick of hitting the ball all over the course? Do you want more distance off of the club? What about just swinging pain free and comfortably? 

We have a solution for you. 

Training for golfers is a little bit different than just going to the local gym or hitting the pavement for some miles. We start everyone with a Titleist Performance Institute Assessment. This assessment shows us how you move individually and how that affects your golf swing. This assessment allows us to design a program specific for your needs. 

Our programs are designed to improve strength, mobility, stability, flexbility, and power based on your goals and assessment results. A really strong golfer that lacks mobility will have a different focus than someone who is really flexible but lacks strength. 


Benefits of Training in Our Golf Program include: 

  • Improved strength to hit the ball further

  • More flexibility for better shots

  • Creating a pain free swing

  • Lower scores from better play


But, how does it work? 


Our Golf Program starts with a TPI Assessment. This includes a movement screen to see which exercises are best for you, a 2-D video analysis of your golf swing, and a swing speed measurement. 

This screen gives us the information we need for you to improve your game. 



The next step is to train. We combine mobility with strength training to help give you the qualities needed for good distance and an efficient swing. 

You will perform total body training. We work on lower body, upper body, and core strength. This is the best way to meet the demands of golf. 



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