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Youth (8-11)

Develop a strong foundation, learn proper motor skills, and begin speed development in a fun environment.   

Our Youth Training programs help young athletes and non-athletes build a strong foundation in performance fundamentals.

The Benefits of Youth Training are:

  • Running with better technique
  • Learning how to change direction quickly
  • Performing a wide variety of movements to expose them to a good skill set
  • Light or body weight movement training to lay the foundation for upper body, lower body, and core training
  • Increased flexbility 
  • Better chance to reduce injury

This age group reflects an essential time in a kid's development. At this stage it is most important on learning the tools they will need for future training. By taking advantage of specific training windows, we can set our athletes up for later mastery. At this age , athletes are more likely to develop small area quickness and fundamental movement skills than most other skills. Athletes that take advantage of this stage are set up for a lot more success at older ages than those who do not. 

About the Classes: 

  • Each class is an hour long
  • 45 minutes is dedicated to jumping, throwing, footwork drills, running technique and agility training
  • 15 minutes accounts for basic strength movements with little or no weight and flexibility
  • This is for athletes ages 8-11 

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