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Sports Performance Programs

Our Sports Performance programs are designed to improve athlete's strength, speed, and injury prevention. Varsity and Junior Varsity classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long, split into 2 pieces. The first 45 minutes on the turf includes a dynamic warm up, mobility, muscle activation, neuromuscular drills, speed technique, and conditioning. Speed technique focuses on the lesson for the day which is designed to increase acceleration, deceleration, or multi-directional movement. The last half of the class is spent in the weight room where the focus is on improving strengh and power in a safe, supervised environment. Athletes work on fundamental movement patterns first, only adding variation and load when the progress and experience of the athlete dictates so. Evolution strength programs are designed to improve lower body strength and power, upper body strength and power, and core strength in a balanced system to reduce the risk of injury.

Our Youth Classes are 1 hour long and spend the same 45 minutes on the turf to improve their speed. The last part of the class consists of core stability training, bodyweight movements, and flexibility.  

Evolution programs include:

Youth (8-11)

Our Youth Training programs help young athletes and non-athletes build a strong foundation in performance fundamentals. The Benefits of Youth Training are:

Junior Varsity (12-14)

As athletes become more serious, they build upon the basics learned in the youth program.  Junior Varsity athletes also are coached through the weight room to increase their strength and power. Each... Learn More

Varsity (15-18)

Athletes in the Varsity program refine their speed mechanics, with more advanced means. Resistance, assistance, and reaction are among the methods used in the speed program. The athletes also perform... Learn More

Elite (18+ College and Professional)

Athletes that are out of high school can take advantage of more advanced training methods. At this stage, athletes are training to compete at a high level and all programs are designed to maximize... Learn More

Private Training

No training will get you to your individual goals faster than one-on-one training. That's why Evolution offers private training lessons...

Learn More

Team Training

Being a team player requires special skills. Evolution builds them, strengthening everything from linear speed...

Learn More

Evolution Alumni

Evolution has helped its alumni continue playing their sport at not only the collegiate level, but some even at the professional level as well... Learn more

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